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‘Excellence is not a skill…… it’s an attitude’ I just loved this saying when I read it a few days ago. It encapsulates a whole ethos in 8 simple words. It’s already stuck in my head for this week….thankfully pushing out Gangnam Style!

World Class

Over the past 6 months, while compiling ‘Monday Motivations’ I have read plenty of articles about achieving world class performance and results. It was really exciting to hear this week that qualia was awarded ‘Best Hotel in the World’ in the 2012 Conde Nast Readers Awards. I am so proud of the team I work […]

New Clear Energy

· Energy is even more important than IQ. If you look at the best in business or sports or society in general, they not only had a big dream – they had extraordinary levels of energy. You can have the greatest strategy and the best ideas but if you don’t have the energy to execute […]

A Brand New Day

There’s something about Mondays that creates a new sense of beginning. It is almost elemental that we wait for Monday to come around before starting something new. But every day is a new day, an open page, the chance to change the game. And even one new choice–made today and practiced daily–can take you to […]

3 Little Gems

Out of all the things I have read this week these three simple sayings really stood out for me: ·  Remember that the things that get scheduled are the things that get done. ·   What’s the point of being uber-productive doing useless things?  and the best for last…  ·   Shift from being busy to achieving results.   Be […]