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Courageous Leaders Don’t Make Excuses…They Apologize

We are frequently taught that leaders, especially aspiring leaders, should hide weaknesses and mistakes. I personally disagree with this wholeheartedly.  It is not only good to admit you are wrong when you are; but also it can also be a powerful tool for leaders—actually increasing legitimacy and, when practiced regularly, can help to build a […]

Monday Motivation…on a Wednesday

A little something to get over Hump Day…. “I’d rather regret the things I’ve done … than regret the things I haven’t done.” — Lucille Ball I just loved that! Thanks to SUCCESS Magazine for the inspiration. And check out this excellent article which nails the basics of great service – the-secret-sauce-for-increasing-guest-satisfaction-in-hotels

Thomas Keller On Why Passion Shouldn’t Drive You

My good friend Chef Alastair Waddell and I love Thomas Keller. Alastair has been lucky enough to dine at Per Se recently and I have admired Thomas from afar for many years. Thomas is one of the original great celebrity chefs. Please enjoy this article by Mark Wilson from FastCoDesign….. One of America’s greatest chefs […]

Email Is Not Free

Email Is Not Free Sent via Flipboard Michael ShahVisit my website

Ditch Performance Reviews? How About Learn to do Them Well?

Easter is over so in my company that means it’s time for the bi-annual Performance Review. In April we plan, in September we review and then the following April we review the full year and plan again. Is that Ground Hog Day or an effective and motivating review cycle? Some management leaders promote an end […]