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Yes, it really is Monday today!  After last week’s double dose of goodness I’ll keep this one crisp… One of my team who receives my emails said to me…”Michael you talk about all these leadership things but how do they relate to me, I’m not a manager”.  My reply – It’s not about Management, it’s […]

The Swordcrafters Parable

Welcome to my next Monday email … a little longer than last weeks but with a beautiful message. I hope it makes a difference to your week. Many, many years ago, there was once a sword crafter, and he was known worldwide by his reputation for creating these swords that were genius level. People revered […]


Here’s the next of my regular Monday Motivators, a quick one for today on a theme I keep coming back to … I have just started Week Two of Boot Camp.  That’s 3 days a week getting up at 5.20am.  What I love is that there are 33 other people who stand in the cold, […]

Monday Motivation

On  a Monday I always look to the week ahead and ask myself “What am I going to achieve?” Let me ask that question of you – Where are you going to be at the end of this week? What will you have achieved?  Will you look back on the last 7 days with a sense […]