The things you could do are infinite, your time and energy are not.

The things you could do are infinite, your time and energy are not.

Monday Motivation is about leadership, leadership is about self discipline. There are numerous things to achieve, to do better at, to action. Somewhere you have to draw the line…

Several years ago I was a member of ‘Daybreak’ Toastmasters Club, we met every Wendnesday morning. This meant an early wake up, getting on the road and to the club in time for 6.00am sharp start. I did this for almost 4 years. Over that time I learnt a lot about public speaking, presentation, giving and receiving feedback, mentoring and made great friends and connections.

But one day I stopped going. Not because I had learnt all there was to learn but because I found other priorities in my life and I couldn’t devote the time, energy and preparation to achieve the high standards I wanted each Wednesday morning. I was doing things half hearted and off the cuff, Tuesday night’s had really started to stress me out, when I realised I was under prepared for the next day’s meeting. I was becoming less motivated as I actually performed more poorly each week. I found this was dragging me down in other areas. I got to the point where I decided if i couldn’t do something well it was best that I give it up altogether.

I don’t regret that decision, as it opened up other opportunities for me, and I look back on the positive experiences I had so many Wednesday mornings.

The things you can do are infinite, the time and energy you have are not. You need to make choices every day. I don’t encourage anyone to do a poor job or complete a task badly. What I do encourage you to do is to prioritize, to forgo those things that you can’t do well, jobs that need doing quickly, do quickly and jobs that need to be done well, do them well.

Make wise choices…Your time is not infinite.

Check out this link for something crazy …. the lost art of tearing phone books in half…

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