20 Seconds …

This week’s thought comes from a recent family movie I saw  We Bought a Zoo.  Matt Damon delivers a great line in the movie –  “All you need is 20 seconds of courage to change your life”. 

It’s not about analysing every decisions,  over thinking solutions or having a Plan A, B and C.  It’s about doing something, taking action.

A few years ago I did a solo parachute jump, the weeks of lead up, the day of training, the 20 minute flight to 10,000ft were all irrelevant.  The whole experience came down to 20 seconds of courage when the instructor opened the hatch and started the countdown.

There’s been times in my career when I’ve been nervous about addressing an issue with someone, but I’ve taken a deep breath and said “Could we  please discuss a few things that have been concerning me” … and now you’re committed.  20 seconds of courage.

And there’s been times I didn’t.  And invariably I look back and wish that I had.

Take that 20 seconds of courage and introduce yourself to someone you’ve never met before, address an issue with your colleague, have that conversation with your boss, open a new door…who knows what’s on the other side.

Be Positive – Always.


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