Better Communication in 2013

The start of the year is always an intense time. We naturally review our performance for the year just gone and I’m sure we are all considering what we can do better or what changes can we make to meet our personal goals for the year ahead.

I’m always on the lookout for some good self help advice and an article at leapt out at me this week … and why not … with a catchy title like How to be Better at Your Job in 2013 . It made an irresistible promise, so I found myself clicking through its 15 slides with thoughts on what you can do to make a greater contribution to your own success and that of your company.

I often find myself wondering how they find the images to go with each idea … there’s #9 ‘Work Harder and Smarter’ accompanied by ‘smiling guy in suit answering telephone while working on computer’. Does the picture editor type that into Google images and see what comes up. My favourite image is #15 – ‘Looking up the trousers of two giants’

Anyway I am getting distracted. Slide #8 lets us down in the image stakes but reflects a very sound idea – Improve your communication skills. Fundamentally everything we do is about communication. And for the other 14 slides, if you can’t communicate your idea, no matter how good it is it won’t get off the ground.

Good communication is a skill that applies equally no matter where you fit in an organization, or even if you aren’t in a company at all. If I can improve my communication with my wife and three children in 2013 that will make achieving my personal goals much easier than any amount of writing lists or tuning up to meetings with readymade solutions.

I love the quote “Fear of confrontation is so overwhelming, but if you communicate boldly, more frequently, and honestly in 2013, and you’re not afraid to work through conflict, you’ll likely reduce your stress and be a better worker.”

But the real essence of how we can improve organizational communication is that “ever-tempting, over-reliance on technology with its benefits of brevity and immediacy .” What does that all mean…pick up the phone, talk to someone face to face, don’t hide behind the email. That’s my tip for the week.

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