Share my new wealth in 2013 and become 31 million richer.

I was going to take a break from my regular Monday Motivation series over the holiday season, but I came across a wonderful blog by Andy Ellwood in Forbes magazine that really struck a chord.

As my regular readers will know I am time obsessed. I have discovered that this is a family trait.

Over Christmas my brother and his wife came to stay. We were due to be at a dinner reservation and there was my brother and I ready 10 minutes earlier than the agreed time to leave. Our wives were quietly meandering around as if time meant nothing. For my brother and I ‘on time’ means 10 minutes early. Maybe it is genetic? Maybe it comes from our overly organised Mother? Who knows, but to keep the peace in his house he has an agreement with his wife that he’s allowed to obsess when airports are involved, but for any other appointments they work on her loose time keeping.

Today is the day for turning a new leaf, examining the 365 previous days and making resolutions for the 365 days ahead. Life Coach Robin Sharma encourages readers to join the ‘5.30 Club’ and leap out of bed early each morning to exercise, plan and make the most of every hour of the day.

As Andy Ellwood says "time is our most valuable commodity, it must be treated as such. Therefore time should not be spent but invested"

My commitment for 2013 is to do just that – make use of my time in the very best way. Maybe rising early for a run, maybe switching the TV off to read to my daughter, maybe organizing some private time with my beautiful wife.

I am going to invest one hour, 60 minutes, better each day than I did last year. Seems very doable to me. All of a sudden I am a millionaire – for 365 days that will make me 31,536,000 seconds richer, or 15.21 days better off by the time next New Years Eve comes around.

How could you say no to someone promising to give you 2 weeks extra time for next year. Time for you, two weeks for you to do exactly as you want.

Seems like an offer too good to refuse.

Happy New Year!

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