World Class

Over the past 6 months, while compiling ‘Monday Motivations’ I have read plenty of articles about achieving world class performance and results. It was really exciting to hear this week that qualia was awarded ‘Best Hotel in the World’ in the 2012 Conde Nast Readers Awards.

I am so proud of the team I work with for achieving this result, for turning some amazing architecture , in an amazing location into the Best Hotel in the World. Because without the staff here, sharing experiences, communicating, connecting, giving a little bit of themselves to each guest, qualia would just be a collection of buildings with a great view.

Now we are recognized as World’s Best the challenge ahead is to deliver on our guests’ expectations.

How do we do that – we do it by doing. By listening to our guests and making small improvements every day. One small action beats a big idea anytime.

I challenge you to do one thing better than you did it yesterday. If every one of the 120+ staff at qualia can do that, by this time next year we will have achieved even more amazing results.

But it takes action…Remember nothing works if you don’t.

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