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Every Leader Is an Artist – Harvard Business Review

Every Leader Is an Artist – Harvard Business Review

Three Traits of Leadership that Never Go Out of Style

I have been reading blogger Vineet Nayar for a few months now.  He is a charming writer of Indian heritage, here’s one of his recent posts I really enjoyed – Three Traits of Leadership that Never Go Out of Style. When I was a kid, the children in our neighborhood would play in a nearby […]

One Degree of Leadership

There’s a law of science that could change the way you think about leadership: At 99 degrees…water is hot. At 100 degrees…it boils. With boiling water, comes steam. And steam can power a locomotive. And, it’s that one extra degree that… Makes all the difference. that one extra degree of leadership can make the difference […]

Interview with Deepak Chopra

Below is a short extract from an interview in Forbes Magazine with Deepak Chopra, a highly qualified Indian American physician who, over many years, has interlinked his science based training with a deeply spiritual outlook.  I personally used to feel that he was just another management guru presenting high level philosophical and spiritual ideas with […]