Yes, it really is Monday today!  After last week’s double dose of goodness I’ll keep this one crisp…

One of my team who receives my emails said to me…”Michael you talk about all these leadership things but how do they relate to me, I’m not a manager”.  My reply –

It’s not about Management, it’s about Leadership.  Just because you have ‘Manager’ in your title doesn’t make you a Leader.  And don’t think you have to have a title to be a leader.  Do you sit in a team, do you share your values with those around you, do you do the right thing – just because you know it’s the right thing to do.

There are plenty of Managers around, but not so many Leaders.  No one but YOU can promote yourself into a Leadership Role.

Leadership is about behaviour, Leadership is about communicating with people, Leadership is about ACTION.

Be Positive – Always


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