Here’s the next of my regular Monday Motivators, a quick one for today on a theme I keep coming back to …

I have just started Week Two of Boot Camp.  That’s 3 days a week getting up at 5.20am.  What I love is that there are 33 other people who stand in the cold, dark, wet morning beside me and put in 110% every time.  This is a crazy time of day but every minute counts.  Time is a great leveller.  We all have the same allotment of twenty four hours in a day.  That successful High Achiever you admire only has the same 24 hours you do. What separates the people who create great lives from the also rans is how they use those hours. Once an hour has gone, it’s gone.  Did you put everything you could into that hour before it disappeared?

Are you doing those things that really matter.  None of us want to be at work forever.  Have you made an Action List and prioritised those things that are most important.  Will you do that one task that you can’t go home with out doing, or have you been finishing the easy tasks or the ones you like doing.

Commit yourself to managing you time more effectively FROM TODAY.

Remember – Be Positive Always

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