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The Swordcrafters Parable

Welcome to my next Monday email … a little longer than last weeks but with a beautiful message. I hope it makes a difference to your week. Many, many years ago, there was once a sword crafter, and he was known worldwide by his reputation for creating these swords that were genius level. People revered […]


Here’s the next of my regular Monday Motivators, a quick one for today on a theme I keep coming back to … I have just started Week Two of Boot Camp.  That’s 3 days a week getting up at 5.20am.  What I love is that there are 33 other people who stand in the cold, […]

All Hail the Generalist – Harvard Business Review

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Monday Motivation

On  a Monday I always look to the week ahead and ask myself “What am I going to achieve?” Let me ask that question of you – Where are you going to be at the end of this week? What will you have achieved?  Will you look back on the last 7 days with a sense […]